All the education and know-how services provided by DMSB are centralised in the DMSB Academy. The education of stewards, stewards of the track-safety squad and instructors are particularly important parts of the academy’s course range. Consequently, it’s a true "University for motor racers", with the education courses featuring a consistently high level. After all, one of the DMSB Academy’s tasks is to ensure and standardise high quality levels regarding its education, skill enhancement and further education. As FIA-certified service provider, the DMSB Academy also undertakes the qualification of officials of other ASNs (= French: Autorité Sportive Nationale, national sports authority).

International in-house courses and trainings
Having demonstrated the highest levels when it comes to the education and skill enhancement of officials, DMSB was awarded the "FIA Institute’s Officials’ Award for the Achievement of Excellence" for having achieved top performances. Building on this award, DMSB succeeded in accrediting as official "FIA-approved Medical Regional Training Provider" (MRTP). This means that the German ASN has got the right to qualify officials of other ASNs all over the world. In addition, the DMSB Academy also makes for a medical top level:  as official "FIA-approved Medical Regional Training Provider" (MRTP), DMSB has got the right to qualify other medical emergency units worldwide.

Innovative E-learning platform
In the DMSB courses, the front-of-class teaching has become rare. Meanwhile, the exchange of experiences in round-table discussions is an integral component of the teaching units. Furthermore, DMSB also provides an E-learning platform for all the stewards. The "DMSB-Campus" of the E-learning platform is the online area that supports the education and the skill enhancement. In addition, there is the "DMSB-Community", a locked social network for licensed DMSB stewards. There, they are offered the opportunity to network and communicate with other stewards.

An E-learning platform offers the opportunity to already contact the participants weeks before the respective seminar. Here it is possible to publish footage – showing for instance race simulations – at the DMSB-Campus in the World Wide Web. So, the seminar participants already can view, analyse and assess this footage in written form at home. The results will be discussed later during the seminar. DMSB Academy also adapts measures supposed to provide the instructors with better educational methods. So, "train the trainers" modules once again improve the knowledge transfer.

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