Blended learning

The DMSB Academy brings together the entire educational expertise of the DMSB. As a rule, the training takes place as a "blended learning course". Such seminars consist of e-learning and attendance modules. An award-winning international platform, which has already been successfully applied in courses and further education of officials and trainers as well as in racing driver training courses, is used. The innovative networking of instructors and course participants supports the exchange of knowledge and helps to share specific know-how. In this way, training becomes more intensive and sustainable.


Excellent e-learning

The DMSB-Campus is the area of the platform that supports the actual training and further education work. Here, participants can for example find preparatory questionnaires that can be used to develop a uniform level of knowledge before the seminar begins. Film footage - for example of racing situations - can also be made available and be commented on by the participants. And after the attendance modules, the transfer of knowledge can also be supported and intensified here.

The DMSB-Community offers a social network for the various target groups of the DMSB and the DMSB Academy. Opinions, experiences and information can be exchanged here. The start page is designed as a noticeboard and participants can collect instructional videos in the video area. There is also a contribution area for the discussion of organisational and technical topics as well as a member area where all participants of the Community are visible.


E-learning competence for course providers

Providers of other courses can also benefit from the know-how and the experience of the DMSB Academy. This is because the DMSB makes its innovative e-learning platform also available for the educational programmes of other institutions. For example, the organisers of driver licence courses in circuit racing and rallying, providers of driver courses for the DMSB Permit-Nordschleife (DPN), recognized regional motor sport associations (LMFV) or ADAC regional clubs can use the award-winning e-learning platform of the DMSB Academy within the scope of their instructor training and further education programmes.

Two forms of use are offered: the standard solution "Basic" or an all-inclusive "Advanced" package. With the “Basic” package, a central element - such as a questionnaire with multiple-choice test or a film sequence with analysis and commentary function - can be provided. With the "Advanced" package, the complete blended learning range is available. It also includes the support after the attendance sessions to intensify the learning processes.

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